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The Bachelorette 2013 l Drama stirs as Des learns one guy's true intentions. Season 9

Desiree Hartsock and Brooks Forester on a Mountain in Madeira in Episode 7

James is shaping up to be a villain on The Bachelorette, as all of the other bachelors are alerting Des to the fact that he hopes to become The Bachelor someday. He’s not there for the right reasons, they say.

Drew gets to go on his first one-on-one date with Desiree in Barcelona in this latest episode. They sip Spanish hot chocolate (yum) and sight see around the beautiful Spanish city a bit before getting down to some real talk.

Over some tapas, Drew discusses his family life. He tells Des that his father was a recovering alcoholic when he grew up. He starts tearing up, which lands him a sympathy hug from Des.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. His father was diagnosed with cancer. Desiree says she wants to meet his dad someday.

“It takes a lot to share a serious story, and I really enjoyed hearing the story about his dad,” she said.

Desiree and Drew have an extremely long make out session against a random wall that almost threw the camera crew off guard. You can tell Desiree loved every second of it. She said she felt he kissed her in a way that made her feel like she is “his.”

Meanwhile, we find out it’s a soccer group date for the others in the running for Desiree’s heart, aside from Zak who gets to go on the single date later.

Drew lands a rose and tells Desiree of James’s hopes and dreams of making it to the top four and becoming the star of “The Bachelor.” This elicits a bleep from Des, who is clearly hurt by this news. She’s grateful Drew could clue her in on that.

But she plays it cool from the start of the date, ready to play soccer with her men.

Soon, some short women in red jerseys appear and line up behind Des, who announces it’s a girls versus boys game. And Des has the help of a professional soccer (futbol) team from Barcelona.

The girls inevitably kick their butts, and then the guys “kick it” with Des and some cocktails.

Chris and Desiree go hang out in her bedroom at their Barcelona estate. She reads him a poem she wrote in exchange for the one he read to her.

Casey decides to confront James about his true intentions on the show away from Desiree, who is spending time alone with Brooks, a favorite of mine among the bachelors.

James denies that he wants to be in the next season of The Bachelor, and gets in an argument with the guys. He claims hearsay and uses “guy talk” as an excuse for his comments with Mikey that they overheard in Munich.

Casey, who I haven’t heard say “hash tag” in a while, tells Des the same story about James that Drew told.

To set the record straight, Des wants to speak to James. He gives her a different story, blaming Mikey for the crazy claims, which is convenient since he was kicked off the show in Munich.

Curiously, we don’t know the real story since the cameras didn’t catch their alleged conversation. They decide to sleep on their relationship, as Des really liked their date in New Jersey and still thinks he could be genuine.

Zak W. and Des decide to take a painting lesson in the art hub that is Barcelona. They get a surprise nude model, which makes things very awkward for the couple.

In an attempt to shake things up at the end of their session, Zak W. decides to put on a robe and pretend that he’s going to strip and pose for Des to draw him. He disrobes and we see him in tighty-whities, abs fully on display. This sweeps Des off her feet.

He gets dressed and they go to an underground wine cellar in a cave, where they drink and eat after toasting. We finally get to hear something about Zak, (I’ll drop the W. now that the other guy is gone) who says he had role model parents and hopes for the same, minus the suburban roots.

They share a passionate kiss and she hands him a rose. She likes that he is adventurous.

Meanwhile, Drew and James start bickering about James’s intentions, in which James points out that this is not a normal situation they’re all in. He doesn’t think it’s wrong that he entertained a thought of what could happen if he got to the final four and didn’t get picked.

Drew criticizes him for not being completely committed to the show that he agreed to do in order to find the woman of his dreams.

Des shows up when the guys are confronting James and takes him aside. We learn that she wants to send him home to show the guys she trusts them.

James tries to save himself and Des really doesn’t know what to do. She thinks he is so sweet and decides not to send him home yet. James returns, to the group of guys’ surprise and dismay.

At the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison says that three of the bachelors will be sent packing back to the states.

Her first rose goes to Chris, with whom Des really seems to be forging a connection. The second one goes to Brooks, which comes as no surprise.

The final rose goes to Michael. Juan Pablo, Casey and James will go home.

Juan Pablo is sad to go home and go back to dating, which is tough when you have a kid.

James keeps touting his alibi about entertaining different realities while on the show as he leaves in an SUV. No word from Casey.

And the next exotic date location is … Madeira, an island off Portugal.

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